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My name is Sandro Haag and I am a Senior Game Developer at SMG Studio.

It all started when I was first introduced to Flash in 2003 and right away I was hooked. I started doing animations and some simple coding and when I realized, I was already creating websites and cool interactive pieces.

After working for a couple of years on websites, I started to dive into games and I loved it. I started to move more and more towards gaming, and after a couple of years developing games in Flash, I started learning Unity 3D, which became my main focus and passion.

In 2010 I moved from my hometown in Brazil to Los Angeles, where I spent 7 years working on many great projects, including Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. After that I decided to move to Sydney, where I can call home now. I am currently working as the Lead Developer for RISK: Global Domination.

When I'm not developing games, I am playing games or surfing, but to be honest, I am better at playing games.

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If you need more information or just want to talk about games and grab a beer, feel free to contact me at any time. My information is below.